Download the DisplayLink macOS app and install it from the ZIP file.

On a Mac mini with M1 chip, you can connect a second display to the HDMI port.

There’s an option in DisplayLink manager to “launch at startup”, or you can drag the DisplayLink Manager to your. Problem: DisplayLink doesn't detect that there is a second monitor.


0 Docking station I need technical help.

If the second monitor works just fine, it means the first one is either broken or incompatible with. In display settings you can change display resolution, choose a refresh rate, arrange your displays, and more. lifewire.

If you want to add more than one external display to your Mac, you will need to use a product based on DisplayLink technology --> https://www.

1 and updated the dock to. Have already updated the latest Displaylink driver. .

4. Remove any plugged in USB devices from your primary external Dell display.


Ports: 6 x USB 3.

0, 2 x HDMI, 2 x DP (dual video outputs), 1 x USB-C. .

Sometimes you need the bigger screen just to watch entertainment content, but a lot of the time, it helps avoid getting overwhelmed by all the open windows you have to juggle, makes drag-and-drop that much more efficient, and allows you to see all the. 2.

I’m running Mac OS 10.
Do not disconnect the external monitor and let the system detect the display.
Note your Mac must support AirPlayfor this solution to work.


Note your Mac must support AirPlayfor this solution to work.

6+ with macOS 12+. May 20, 2023 · The reviews say the Plugable dock is reliable and it can help boost your productivity. .

Unless the device shows in device manager, the driver isn't chosen by Windows. . macOS 10. . .


If the DisplayLink device is shown under "Other Devices", then Windows is not associating the DisplayLink USB driver with our device. .

2) Reattach the power cable to the dock first.

Unfortunately, this is often undocumented and you may need to contact your system manufacture to verify if they expect dual monitors will be supported over Thunderbolt 3.


I am almost thinking to take it back it and return.