With my card in hand, just in case, I said in Spanish: “ Good morning.

Sample translated sentence: Good afternoon, dear brothers and sisters.

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Apr 3, 2021 · A sampling of Swahili greetings Call Response Context notes shikamoo (alt.

Another quick example is My phone is in the car.

Mama (mother): Marahaba mwanangu. . welcome greeting spoken to one person.

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Habari (pronounced hah-BAH-ree), which literally translates to “news,” is often used to say hi too. Frederick, good morning, sir. Hatujambo mzee.

. Sample translated sentence: Good afternoon, dear brothers and sisters.


good morning handsome.

You can also use “ habari” which roughly translated means “What’s the news. What is the translation of "good day" in Swahili? en.

Habari za kazi? A: Habari za kazi nzuri. You can also say hujambo (pronounced hoo-JAHM-boh) if you want to greet someone more formally.

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Translation of "good afternoon" into Swahili.

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“Salam Aleikum”: Using Muslim Greetings in Tanzania.

Hatujambo bibi. . Nouns like habari and asubuhi (N-class) go with ya in the singular and za in plural.

. Like a gangster. Before the truck would William had to turn the key over. Human translations with examples: english, good night, za sikh nyingi, 8) career news. news morning boyfriend. Hatujambo bibi.

Habari za Asubuhi kina kaka na kina dada wapendwa.

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a) got b) getting c) get d) going.

Dec 19, 2019 · Here are a few of the most useful phrases (the syllables to stress are in bold ): ♦ “Hello”: “ Hujambo”, often shortened to “ jambo”.


greeting spoken to tourists or by tourists (simplified version of the greetings above) Jambo.